5 Things to Consider in Windshield Repair and Replacement

Vehicle owners always have this dilemma of repairing their windshields or replacing them. We will illustrate later which step would be a better option. It is a good idea to fix the damaged windshields. Ignoring the cracks and chips is vulnerable, seeing the structural importance of the glass. Carelessness could result in compromising on safety and quality.

Glass experts suggest a five-point checklist to follow in auto glass repair.

Repair or replacement: Windshield repair and replacement depends on the severity of damage. Yet, it can be tricky at times. The experts recommend that they would repair any damage that is less than three inches. Repairing has other inherent benefits such as faster service, insurance cover, maintaining the manufacturers’ specifications, reducing the junks that raise environmental issues and so on. However, replacement is the only solution when the chips and cracks are too big.

Safety guarantee is the key: A windshield is the third most important safety element after seat belts and air bags. It supports the frame of the car and plays a crucial role in keeping up the safety of the driver and the passengers during an accident. Therefore, it is essential to keep this glass fully functional.

Know the cost benefits: The cost of repair and replacement greatly varies from vehicle to vehicle. It also depends on several other factors, such as the make, model and availability of the windshield. Insurance companies also waive off the deductibles, especially in repairs. Sometimes, the auto glass shops also offer discounts and warranties. Shopping around would help vehicle owners get the best price.

Proper installation is the right solution: It is hardly possible to meet the original windshield specification from the manufacturer; still, it is possible to maintain the highest standard. On the other hand, a few poor decisions or finding a way to cut corners can prove costly. Similarly, selecting poor quality glass, adhesive and even a hurried process can be counterproductive.

Find the most experienced auto glass repair shop: Considering the importance of this auto glass repair, it would be advisable to take any vehicle to a certified and reliable auto repair centre. It is most likely to look after all the details. Roadside shops might not only be inept, but their service can imply a compromise on the safety.